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Promptness and quality  


Director: Lily Malatsi-Teffo

BPROC (UNIN) H.DIP, CORP LAW (RAU), CERT (Securities and company law) UNISA,

Mrs Teffo is the founder of the company and she served articles of clerkship at the firm SV Khampempe attorneys in 1997,Whereby  she acquired a considerable knowledge and experience in labour law, commercial and civil litigation, personal injuries (in all respect) and Estates.

The policies, procedures of the company are her main responsibilities, she thus communicate on behalf of the company with government entities and public at large. She assists the operation departments in evaluating the  findings and developing strategies and arguments in preparation for presentation of cases. She also assists on interpretation of the law, rulings and regulations for clients. Her passion in corporate law impelled her to put  more attention on corporate governance as such on that note she advices on implementation of  the principles contained in the king codes and relevant legislations with the view of maintaining the best business practices. She also play the role in advising clients on legal transactions.

Besides other various certificate courses she obtain business rescue certificate offered by UNISA, certificate legislative writing, she also attended the judicial skill training offers by law society of south Africa ,Mrs.Teffo attended a certificate course in MVA offered by the University of Pretoria in association with RAF. She got the certificate of appearance at high court in 2005. 

Mrs Lily Malatsi-Teffo has and is serving in various committees namely: 

  • Nadel Pretoria Branch;
  • Gauteng law council
  • Alternate Councilor of Northern Province Law Society
  • African Business Rescue and Insolvency practitioner
  • Association of African Business Rescue and  Insolvency  Practitioner
  • King Committee
  • Estate of the Law Society of the Northern Province;
  • Institute of Directors in South Africa
  • Audit Committee at Department of communication
  • Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Our Team




Mr. Mabusela is a young hard working male, who is in charge of the operations department of the office. He holds LLB from the University of Limpopo. He attended and completed his Practical Legal Training with Polokwane Law School in 2014.  He started his career at our office as the candidate attorney and his hard work and sense of responsibility has seen him climbing the ladder to the managerial position in the fast way. He joined the office 2014.In an effort to create the high ethical environment and running smooth of the office, he implements and drive the strategies created by the Director and the Team in particular the process and procedures to be followed. He practices broadly in many areas of law mainly;  in Civil, litigation, Personal injury claims, Law of contracts, Administration of Estate, Matrimonial Matter Creation of Trust, Commercial Law, Registration of Legal Entities, Debt collection to name a few.

As an energetic and highly skilled person. He analysis the probable out comes of the cases using knowledge of legal precedence .He interpret law, regulations for individual and organizations. He prepares and draft the legal documents such as will , contract, pleading etc. 

He represents clients in court, tribunal and /or government agencies.

 In an effort to try and attain one of the highest skills of the law he keeps abreast with all the development by attending:

  • Customary law seminar
  • Pension fund seminar
  • Forensic seminar
  • High court practice seminar  
  •  Advocate Group 21 Vocational Program 1



Mr. Makhoza is a committed young male (falling under the youth category). He completed his National Diploma in Legal Assistance (Paralegal) at Tshwane University of Technology 2016. He supports of the legal department and thus contributes to strengthening the company    

His main areas of work are interacting with clients, conducting legal research, processes important documents, helps during trials by taking notes , reviewing trial transcript, file brief and legal documents, call clients witnesses and other stakeholders to schedule interviews, meeting and consultations. Assist with debt collection by drafting various legal documents, estates, pleadings, exchange of pleadings, contract, lodgment of estate and enforcement judgments. He also assists in doing the run around in the office.

He delivers programs of assistance including emerging areas of the law with the view of further developments and the strengthening of the company. A vibrant youth that he is; he was part of Student Law Faculty Council as the treasurer  at Tshwane University of Technology .He was also participating in Student Life and Governing Council at Tshwane University of Technology

He participates in professional development opportunities such as

  • Customary law seminar



Ms Tabane is a very dedicated and hardworking young lady, who is the mirror of the company. She is recently joined the company and she is highly committed and competent lady in this office.

She is responsible for providing administrative support in the company ;

  • Assists attorneys and paralegals with managing schedule ,coordinating meetings and travels, answering phones and communicating with clients
  • She supports the legal staff by managing day to day operations and clerical duties of the company
  • Keep records up to date types up legal documents 
  • Keeping herself abreast with the duties and the law, she conducts research in some areas of her work and the law and she reads articles
  • The office transferred skills by drafting legal documents such as subpoenas, motions and summons 


Ms. Letwaba is a very dedicated and hardworking young lady, who assists with office duties by ensuring that the management and employees are in compliance with the rules and regulation of regulatory agencies. Further to that she makes it appoint that the company policies and procedures are being followed and that the behavior in the business meets the company’s standard, she works as a channel of communication to receive and direct compliance issues to appropriate resources to investigate and resolved.

The main duties:

  • To monitor and report the compliance/ ethic efforts of the company
  • To implement the strategic direction provided by the Director on compliance
  • Developing policies and programs that encourage management and employees to report suspected fraud and other improprieties without fear of retaliation
  • Maintained the policies and procedures for general operation of the compliance program and its related activities or improper conduct
  • Manages day-to day operation of the program
  • Consult with the director as what is needed to resolve difficult legal compliance issues and monitor
  • Manages and maintains the rules , policies , procedures and standards of conduct
  • Ensured that the company is conducting its business in full compliance with all laws and regulations and professional standards and accepted business practice within the fraternity 


Mr Skhosana is a male, who has a Diploma in Agriculture and has been with our company for ten years, wherein started as a runner and office assistant. The exposure and experience that he acquired during the 10 years of his service made him realize the interest in the law, thus persuaded him to enter into insolvency department

He is in charge of the insolvency d administration processes of the business. He assists in some parts of non-litigious matters, especially in insolvency and deceased estate and debt collections.

His main duties and task;

  • Convening creditors meeting
  • Assists in conducting forensic investigation
  • Assists in compiling documents for interrogation as well as attending the hearings
  • Drafting legal documents
  • Consulting with the various stakeholders in the respective matter 


Mrs Sethabane is an energetic lady who does the housekeeping and making sure that the office is neat and tidy.She the caretaker of the company thus provide the high quality and maintain the inside and outside of the office Keep the building clean, orderly and in good condition in transferring skills include photocopying, scanning and printing, distributing post and answering the phone.she assists her fellow employees with any task they ask of her.