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Promptness and quality  

Malatsi-Teffo Inc. (“ MTA”). Was established in 1999 by Lily Malatsi-Teffo, a black female attorney. Our company has thus been in existence for 19 years now thereby having vast experience and talent. We specialize and focus on Commercial Law, civil, litigation, insolvent and deceased estate, Personal Injury Claims, Labour Law, Insolvency Law, corporate governance and pension fund. 

MTA. is a dynamic legal company which emphasizes on quality and excellence. Our policy is to provide practical legal advice and expertise in our areas of speciality. We are committed to building lasting relationships with our clients and also adhere to the highest ethical standards.

The plan and approach of our company is to; while assisting the clients in execution of their mandate, impart and transfer skills from and/ or to those who have never had  opportunity in that area of the law. In that way those members of the company who have limited or nil relevant experience in those particular disciplines will acquire the necessary capabilities and expertise bringing talent to the company thus strengthening the experience within the company and driving the company to the right direction


  • Respect - All our staff members are encouraged to treat our clients and each other with the respect they deserve.
  • Loyalty - We ensure that our client relations are continuously improved to retain their loyalty.
  • Trust - We endeavour to assist our clients with whichever legal related challenges they may face. The nature of our business mandates us to handle matters with discretion and confidentiality.
  • Honesty - We maintain a free flow of communication between ourselves and our clients, ensuring that we are transparent with all our business dealings.
  • Integrity - We seek to offer our services with honesty, trust, loyalty and respect to maintain our dignity and integrity as a company.


To grow in such a manner that we provide a broad specialized legal services.

  • To inspire client loyalty through a company service model;
  • To communicate through professional deliverance;
  • Timeous delivery of our professional, legal services;
  • To ensure that staff and stakeholders of the company alike share a unified vision for MTA.
  • To see forth our vision and beyond.


As a well-trained multi-skilled company comprised of industrious lawyers, we at Malatsi-Teffo Inc. strive to:

  • Provide legal advice and assistance in the dynamic South African environment;
  • Contribute to the growth and development of companies, organizations and individuals particularly those who were previously disadvantaged. 
  • Provide a valuable and cost effective service of the highest standards;
  • Grow as a company and position ourselves for challenges in the future;
  • Involve our company in community development projects;